Advanced electron microscopy has proven to be a powerful and unique tool to study materials from the micron scale to the sub-atomic level. The information provided by electron microscopy to understand and control materials properties at the nanoscale strongly connects to many of the Global Goals, as laid out by the UN. Recent advances in technology have provided a paradigm shift in advanced microscope specifications and allowed for significant methodological developments in recent years. These advances are so extensive and many, that the individual microscopy nodes are unable to develop competence in all fields.

Accordingly, we have initiated NordTEMhub, a Nordic University hub, as defined by NordForsk, within advanced electron microscopy. The aim is to make use of the well-established environments in the Nordic, intensify our collaboration between nodes, provide access, optimize instrument use and build Nordic competence on advanced microscopy with particular emphasis on the young generation.

NordTEMhub comprises seven Nordic universities including Chalmers, LiU and SU in Sweden, NTNU and UiO in Norway, DTU from Denmark and AU in Finland, with the ambition to involve also other advanced labs for interactions and exchange.

Common to all nodes are recent or upcoming and significant investments in state-of-the-art microscopes. This network adds value to academia and industry in the Nordic countries and strengthens the Nordic competence in electron microscopy within materials, physics, chemistry and adjacent disciplines